With the slowdown taking its toll and people losing jobs, more and more requests for restructuring of loans are coming the banks’ way. SME (small and medium enterprise) loans are coming up most for restructuring. SMEs too have been badly hit by the slowing economy. Many have not been receiving payments on time from their customers and also have seen sales slump, forcing them to default on loans.

You will be hard pressed to find any other Loan Restructuring company to offer the same expertise and customer service level that KKCSL can offer. Our focus is strongly in the processing, so your files will always receive the personal attention they deserve.

At Loan Restructuring Solutions our Top Notch Negotiators & Processors are hand picked. This allows us to leverage from their existing knowledge and experience to successfully work with the banks and produce concrete results in a time bound manner. From the first day you become our affiliate, we will assign you with an Executive to handle any and all questions you may have. At Loan Restructuring Solutions, outstanding customer service is our #1 priority.

Services Offered
• Modifications
• Forbearances (payment suspension)
• Short Sales
• Formal Repayment Plans