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KK Capital Services Ltd (KKCSL) puts its best foot forward to offer is clients the comfort zone that they need to retain focus on their business objectives at all times. Since 1996,  We offer all kinds of financial services like business loans, operating loans, working capital loans, cash credit facilities, packing credit loans, inland letter of credit, export letter of credit, bank guarantees, small business finance, new business finance, development finance, international usance LC, and business finance management for startup companies.

Our services also extend to vendor financing, channel financing, receivables financing, debtors financing, cash management product, rupee export credit, pre-shipment credit, export bill, rediscounting, exporter gold card,  finance for imports (supplier’s credit & buyer’s credit), Greenfield projects capacity expansion, replacement of equipments, infrastructure development ventures, capital intensive business expansion, services sector projects and loan syndication.  

KKCSL understands that sufficient capital is crucial for the establishment of a corporate house and managing all the necessary resources for its operation. Looking for secured loans for your business at a comfortable rate of interest can be a time consuming search that may even land you at the wrong place for your financial solutions. We stress mostly on startup financing and business development by acquiring business loans at competitive interest rates from the most reliable banks and financial institutions and delivering them to you. Depending on the requirements of an organization, we plan out the business structure, implement our business strategies and stand by the entire process till its success

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