Transfer Pricing Compliances

The concept of transfer pricing refers to determination of prices of goods, services and intangible transactions between associated enterprises that belong to the same business group.In other words, transfer pricing is the price which is paid for goods or services transferred from one unit of an organization to its other units situated in different countries.It is important that a business having cross-border intercompany transactions should understand transfer pricing concept.Transfer prices would affect not just the reported profits of every center, but would also affect the allocation of a company’s resources (Cost incurred by one centre will be considered as the resources utilized by them).It is based on the arm’s length principle: what the price would be for a transaction if the entities were third parties.

Transfer pricing improves business efficiency and simplifies the accounting process.

We at KK Capital Services Ltd. Consulting Private Limited make sure that

1. The transfer prices are fair since it affects the comapny’s tax liability.

2. There are no tax concerns.

3. The principle and pricing methodologies are folllowed.

4. Compliance requirements are met in order to avoid any penalties arising thereafter.

5. That the documents are managed and reviewed in accordance with transfer pricing policies and processes.

Story / Achievement / reaffirmation about our services

KK Capital Services Ltd. ensures that it follows the strict guidelines of the financial reporting of transfer pricing and provides extensive documentation as required.Our clients trusts us since we are very cautious and follow rigid policies of transfer pricing in order that company’s after -tax income is not affected.Our team is well aware of the implications of transfer pricing on company’s financial statements and therefore have complete control on this compliance.



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